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1 Year - $6

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Bowling Member

1 Year - $120

5 Years - $500


FREE Bowling Membership Offer

Limited Offer/Conditions apply:

  • Free Bowling Membership is from 1 January of the current year to 31 May of the next year only.
  • The bowler MUST make themselves available to play Bowls NSW pennants and other Bowls NSW events.
  • One free uniform will be supplied to play in Bowls NSW events.
  • To obtain a clearance to another club during the free membership period, the bowler must pay the applicable membership fee for the period played and return any uniform items received.
  • At the end of the free membership period, a person receiving Free Bowling Membership will immediately cease to be a member of the club without a grace period.  Any such person will be given a clearance to any other bowling club and will, in accordance with Bowls NSW clearance rules, be deemed to have: “fulfilled all of his financial obligations to the Club, is not under an order of suspension or expulsion and has not resigned his membership because of disciplinary proceedings under Bowls NSW Regulation 8”.

Current Uniform