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Social Member

1 Year - $6

5 Years - $20


Bowling Member

1 Year - $80

5 Years - $360


New Bowling Member

2 Bowling Years - $80


FREE Bowling Membership Offer

Limited Offer/Conditions apply:

  • The Bowling Membership is for the current financial year to 31 May and for one full financial year to 31 May.
  • The bowler MUST make themselves available to play Bowls NSW pennants.
  • One free uniform will be supplied to play in any Bowls NSW events.
  • A Clearance will not be issued during the free period if the bowler has played Bowls NSW events.
  • To obtain a clearance to another club during the free membership period, the bowler must pay the applicable membership fee for the period played and return any uniform received.


Current Uniform